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Copa Del Rey 2015, Real Madrid vs Atlético de Madrid: Four Takeaways

Here are four takeaways from the frustrating Copa del Rey elimination.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images
1. No Good Ramos, no fun.

When he is at his best, Sergio Ramos is the best defender in football. When he's not, we might get whatever that was we saw yesterday. He was hesitant, took terrible angles to try and clear crosses and was terrible passing the ball in his own territory. He scored, yes, but other that that he was pathetic.

Last year, Ramos led Real Madrid to glory and he did so by playing at a tremendous level where he was both intense and focused. If that doesn't happen again, it will be extremely tough for the White Knights to be as successful as they were last year.

2. Is Chicharito Hernández still a Real Madrid player?

Another game where Real Madrid needed a spark on offence and, again, no Little Pea. Seriously, what's up with that? Sure, he scores the ugliest goals ever and he isn't as classy or cool as Karim Benzema or Gareth Bale's hair (ha!) but he was brought to offer something different in times of need, which was something Carlo Ancelotti could have tried against Diego Simeone's gang, but nope. No Chicharito. Sad faces everywhere.

I'm not saying he would have won the game by himself. He is a limited player, no question, but at least give him a chance. The game was nearly impossible anyway so what's the worst thing that could have happened? Having another ineffective attacker out there? Yeah, god forbid. Instead, let's use Jesé, a player who clearly needs more time to regain his level, to cross the ball like crazy because that was working so well.

3. Come back, Luka!

Luka Modric was one Real Madrid's key players last season, and while his injury was covered fairly well for a while, it's clear that the team misses him more than ever.

The Croatian's creativity and amazing passing skills could've helped a white squad that ran out of ideas pretty quickly and desperately needed some magic. Luka is still smarter than any other player in the roster and other than his passing, he offers possession, sets the pace, brings the ball out of the back and sets plays better than most players in the world. It sounds like a few of those skill could have helped yesterday.

With Toni Kroos looking tired lately, Modric's return should be the perfect boost for Real Madrid for the final and toughest stretch of the season.

4. Diego Simeone. Ugh.

Cholo Simeone, as annoying as he is, is a terrific coach. Sure, he is evil impersonated and his hair is even worse than Bale's but let's face it, he has pretty much owned Carlo Ancelotti the last couple years. Other than the Copa del Rey last season and that random game that gave Real Madrid the Décima thingie (a game the boys were seconds away from losing), Ancelotti has been out coached by the Argentine. Simeone drove Real Madrid fans crazy to the point where they loved a very frustrated Isco for aggressively tackling an Atleti player late in the game. Also, he used Torres in both games and still eliminated Los Blancos. Fernando freaking Torres. That flat out sucks.

Playing against probably the best defensive team in Europe is far from easy, but watching a team like Real Madrid relying on countless crosses that will be deflected by Godín and Miranda anyway is pure misery. Ancelotti said they found spaces on the wings and that's why they kept crossing over and over. That's exactly what Atlético is willing to give you to keep the middle well-covered. That's what they want you to do. They'll give it to you any day.

Finally, of the five games Simeone has played against Real Madrid this season, he has not lost a single one (three wins and two draws). Hopefully Ancelotti will figure something out for that Liga game at the Calderón.

5. Hmph. We didn't even want the Copa del Rey anyway.

Well, not exactly but whatever.

The boys in white at least won't have to play that often in the next few months and what's even better, they are still in the lead in La Liga and they look great in the Champions League. Losing against Atlético de Madrid this way sucks, but there's still plenty to play for. The season is still young and the best is yet to come.

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