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La Liga: Getafe vs Real Madrid, Player Ratings

Benzema rescues Real Madrid with a brilliant assist.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Casillas: -. It's impossible to grade Casillas' performance given that he did not make a single save. Getafe's only shot on target hit the post.

Dani Carvajal: 7. He defended well on Getafe's counterattacking chances throughout the first half. Carvajal's intensity was significant given that Real Madrid were not playing well during the first 45 minutes.

Varane: 6. He turned the ball over very dangerously on one occasion, but his overall defensive contribution was solid. He now has a big chance to earn a starting spot in this Real Madrid squad now that Pepe will miss the next couple of weeks with an injury on his ribs.

Ramos: 6. He did not have much work to do, but anyway Ramos improved his recent performances.

Marcelo: 7. Once again, the Brazilian left back appeared to be one of the few players who tried to create some danger on Real Madrid's offense. His creativity is a very valuable asset for Carlo Ancelotti when Real struggle, and he's now one of the team's most valuable players.

Kroos: 6. His accuracy was way off. It's true that he completed a couple of very good recoveries during the first half, but he turned the ball over way more often than he uses to. His form needs to improve if Real Madrid want to offer better displays.

Isco: 7. A catalyst during the first half, but a bit to slow to get rid on the ball after half time. Still, he's in very good form and he always tries to be one of Real's playmakers alongside Marcelo.

James: 8. Two assists after a very sloppy first half. He picked it up during the second 45 minutes and completed a good overall performance that needs to be noted. His two deliveries were simply brilliant.

Bale: 7. His finish on Real's second goal was splendid, but his contribution to Real Madrid's offense still has to improve, as he's certainly capable of doing that very same thing.

Ronaldo: 9. Overall, it was a very sloppy performance by the 2014 Ballon D'Or winner. But still, he scored a brace -- and Real's opening goal --. How he can make such a big impact after an abysmal performance is unbelievable to say the least.

Benzema: 9. His assist opened up the game for Real Madrid and earned the three points when Getafe were quite comfortable with the 0-0 draw. Benzema rescued Madrid this time.

Khedira: 6. Provided good physical presence when Getafe tried to attack more.

Illarramendi: -. Not enough time to get graded.

Nacho: -. Not enough time to get graded.

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