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Arbeloa: "One teammate complained when I supported Benzema"

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Real Madrid right back Álvaro Arbeloa conceded an interesting interview to Onda Cero in which he revealed that one of his teammates complained to him when he publicly supported Karim Benzema last season.

One teammate complained when I defended Benzema. He asked me if I thought I was the captain, but I supported Benzema thinking about the team, I have always tried to be a good teammate.

It's interesting to hear that from Arbeloa, although some might say that he should not have said that to the press. During the rest of the interview, Arbeloa had some more things to say.

Between me and Iker there are no conflicts. No problems. We are lucky to share trophies, and this is a topic that should not be interesting anymore. We are teammates. It's hard to have friends in life, but a lot more easier to have them on Facebook.

It's very important that we get along well in the dressing room. These new players are proving that they are great teammates. Kroos is a good piece of work, he appears to be cold and distant, but he's a really fun guy and he's learning Spanish quickly.

Arbeloa shared his thoughts on the Ballon d'Or ceremony too.

When I see the best XI I miss Modric, Godín and Pepe, he should be there.

Cristiano goes home and keeps working, thinking 24/7 about being the best. It'd be cool to be Cristiano. Nobody has done what he's doing, he's scored more goals than games he's played in. Romario scored 30 and your jaw dropped to the floor. These numbers will not be repeated.

And he also praised Isco and the rest of his teammates.

Isco is not the player he was, focusing only on skills, he's now a complete player who dominates. He's made a big effort to play for Real Madrid, he wasn't used to that. I tell him that he's starting to enjoy recovering the ball, he's a different player and he'll be what he wants to be. He can be the future of Real Madrid and Spain. Benzema is brilliant, the best striker. Sometimes you wonder why people question him, I don't know what he needs to do to get praised. He knows how to combine with his teammates, make runs off the ball and create space for Cristiano. We are lucky to have him. And Carvajal is the best right back. I could not have a better relationship with him because he's a great guy and he deserves his role. He's going to be Real and Spain's right back for a long, long time.

Arbeloa also had time to make puns about Atleti and Simeone.

He is lucky to have some of the press behind him and it's easier to speak and send messages that way. He's doing what's best for his team. I don't think that we're having a bad time against Atlético, we beat them in the Champions League Final and we were able to beat them for 14 straight years, it's a little bit early to say that they dominate us.

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