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Ancelotti: "Ødegaard is the future of Real Madrid"

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Ancelotti was visibly happy with Ødegaard's signing.

Martin just arrived, we wanted to sign him, he has the quality, he's young and has a bright future ahead. We now need to be patient with him, he will train for us and play for Castilla, everybody is happy with his decision to play for Real Madrid. He's the future of this team, it was important to confirm the move.

Real's coach did not want to talk about Lucas Silva.

I can't say anything about Silva because he's not a Real Madrid player, I need to think about our players.

Obviously, Ancelotti spoke about Illarramendi right after not making comments on the Lucas Silva-saga.

Illarramendi is a Real Madrid player, it's true that he has not featured a lot lately but we trust him and there's nothing new about his situation. He's an important player for us and right now we are not thinking about his departure. Again, it's true that he hasn't featured a lot lately but if I need him I will use him. One out of Khedira and Illarramendi will play tomorrow.

Real Madrid's coach also discussed the team news.

We don't need to make rotations, we did well this week and we worked a lot. Isco will not be available. I've been feeling very good about this squad for a while, we need to stay focused on this competition because the teams behind us are playing well. Our team is going to improve physically by having a full week of training sessions. Modric will start training with the team in two weeks. We hope he'll be back for the Champions League.

Much has been said about Ramos' contract extension, but Ancelotti is not worried.

Ramos' situation hasn't affected his performances. He's always focused and Ramos is more and more important everyday. Contracts are not my job but everyone at the club knows Sergio Ramos is an indispensable player for Real Madrid.

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