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Bale: "Ball-hog? I score goals, deliver assists and play football my way"

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Gareth Bale was interviewed by Cadena SER on Tuesday night, and even though presenter José Ramón De la Morena tried to get some interesting headlines from him, the Welsh player answered very correctly to every difficult question. About whether or not he's a ball-hog, Bale said.

People have their own opinions and that's how they make their living, they get paid to do it. I think that when I'm playing I deliver assists, and I score goals too. I play football my way. I was going through on goal and I wanted to score... and if I had scored nobody would have talked about it again. But I didn't see him and it would have been a difficult pass.

Bale also explained his role in Ancelotti's formation.

When we attack I need to go up to help Cristiano and Karim and when we defend I drop back to help in midfield.

And about who takes the free-kicks...

We have meetings before the game to discuss the tactics. Normally if it's on the left it's Ronaldo and if it's on the right it would be for me. So we know more or less who is taking it.

Bale is shy and Modric is one of his closest friends in the dressing room.

Everyone was great. The first day everyone was really welcoming. I'm not someone who is in the press much. I like to live my own life. Modric and I spent four or five years together. So I know him really well. So of course being able to come here and see him and not have to go and make other new friends that was very important right at the start here. He made me feel very welcome.

And he was also grateful about Ancelotti standing up for him after the whole ball-hog controversy.

That's great, that he's standing up for his player, and I'm grateful. But it's just one of those things, as you get close to the goal you want to score, but sometimes it doesn't come off. How you deal with it is how you show your character as a player.

All in all, this was a good interview by Bale. He doesn't speak Spanish just yet but he knows exactly how and when the press will try to get him in trouble and answered accordingly.

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