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La Liga 2015, Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad: Player ratings

Fantastic game by Marcelo, Isco and Benzema.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

  • Casillas: 6. It is hard to judge Iker's performance as Real Sociedad's only dangerous shot was the one that they turned into a goal in the first minute, but Casillas should have done a miracle to block them. He seemed a little nervous with the ball on his feet but made no mistake.
  • Carvajal: 7. A good game by Dani, who was not as visible as usual in our rivals' side of the field given that Real Madrid's possessions were always focused to their left flank, but he still was able to appear to collect a few long balls by Ramos and create some danger. He had no defensive problems throughout the game.
  • Varane: 6. A correct game by Rafa, who made no mistakes but was not demanded a great defensive output either.
  • Ramos: 8. Although Real Sociedad's goal could be blamed, at least partially, on Ramos, he had a great defensive performance covering Marcelo's back. Besides, he scored Real Madrid's second goal and, this way, made up for his mistake.
  • Marcelo: 9. He was just terrific today. His connection with Isco was impossible to read by Real Sociedad's defenders, and that is where Real Madrid built most of their advantages throughout the game. He showed an extraordinary physical level and delivered a beautiful assist to James in Real Madrid's first goal.
  • Kroos: 7. This was quite a good game by Kroos, not so dominant in setting the pace of the game, but showing his wisdom in every pass and being quite useful in Real Madrid's pressing a few times.
  • Illarramendi: 5. I regret to say that this was not a good game by Illarramendi, although he was not awful either, but he missed a chance to ask for a more important role in this team. He is also a bit to blame for Real Sociedad's early goal, and he was invisible in certain phases of the game.
  • Isco: 8. Fantastic game by Isco, who will not get a 10 only for having missed a couple of good chances to score. He was crucial in breaking Real Sociedad's defence connecting with Marcelo, and left some of the most beautiful tricks in the game.
  • James: 7. Good performance by James, who scored Real Madrid's crucial first goal shortly after Real Sociedad got the opener, and did a great job combining with Isco and Benzema when the rest of our players still seemed to need a warm-up.
  • Bale: 6. Despite having missed a couple of clear shots in front of Real Sociedad's goal, I would say that Bale had a good overall performance. His first ten minutes of the second half were just amazing, and he finished them giving a fantastic assist to Benzema for the 3-1. Still, he will need to improve his accuracy.
  • Benzema: 10. Undisputed Man of the Match, as he was able to take the responsibility to lead Real Madrid's attack today that Ronaldo was out, and made each of his partners upfront shine. He got a brace, and his second goal will, for sure, appear in all highlight shows in the end of the season.
  • Jesé, Khedira and Chicharito entered the field when the game was already decided and grading them with the same scale as his partners would not be fair.

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