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Carlo Ancelotti: "Karim Benzema was fantastic"

Monsieur Karim earned a lot of praise, and rightfully so (look at that awesome pic!). Also, Carlo Ancelotti spoke about his system and Lucas Silva's condition.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

It was a bad start, but the team improved a lot for the second half and ended up earning a good 4-1 victory against Real Sociedad.

First, and rightfully so, Carletto spoke about that rough start and Karim Benzema's performance:

We didn't start the game well. We gave up a quick goal, just like we did against Córdoba and Atlético de Madrid. We have to improve there. We defended well and improved a lot in the second half. Karim Benzema played a fantastic game, like the rest of the forwards. They were very efficient and created lots of good chances.

On Asier Illarramendi and Lucas Silva:

Illarramendi, like the rest of the team, had an average start but he improved and played a great second half. Lucas Silva did not make it to this game because he still needs to adapt and train more to reach his ideal shape, which currently isn't as good as the rest of his teammates', but he'll be available soon.

More on Karim and his ridiculous talent:

That goal he scored was great. We also have to value the way he helps the team. He is a striker that moves very well everywhere on the pitch. He's very good in most plays.

Now, on to Gareth Bale, who unfairly earned some boos:

I don't want anything else from him. He played very well. While it's true he missed a couple chances, he also assisted Benzema on our third goal, which ended the game. To me it's not important for a striker to score as long as he helps his teammates.

On whether he instructed James to respect the system and if the 4-4-2 actually gives the team more balance:

James needed to hold a position. My instructions were for the defensive side, and they were intended for him, the midfielders and those at the back. About the system, I don't know if we started with a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 (laughs). We try to defend with two lines of four players and then open things up when we attack.

Reporters insisted on individual performances and asked about Marcelo this time:

He's improving, just like the rest of the team. He had a great first half of the season but after December he wasn't playing as well, but he's improving quickly. I trust him, and he's a lot more confident too these days.

On possibly rotating players against Sevilla so there are no suspensions against Atlético de Madrid:

We might rotate, yes. We have to think about the effort we put in today. It's possible that something might change since we need a well-rested team against Atlético de Madrid.

Finally, Lucas Navarrete asked Carlo about Lucas Silva's role, if he's there to replace Luka Modric or Isco, or Kroos in the 4-3-3:

He's a player with defensive qualities but he shoots and passes well. He's used to playing as one of two holding midfielders. He can play in Kroos's spot but he can also get used to where Illarramendi played today.

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