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Ronaldo and Marcelo a Deadly Duo honor the two tricksters and remind us of their connection.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images Remind us of Ronaldo and Marcelo's Brilliance

There have been few more dynamic fullback/winger attacking duos in the 21st century than Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo Vieira. Their inherent understanding and individual ability on the ball make them a nightmare to defend against and they have been love at first sight since the beginning. A recurring theme of their relationship has seen Ronaldo size up a defender one-on-one (maybe with a couple step-overs thrown in for good measure) before cleverly playing in Marcelo on the lay-up (most likely through back-heel) to open up defenses. Likewise, Marcelo has increasingly looked to play a sweeping cross to the far post for Ronaldo to attack and devastate goalkeepers. Their psychic connection has seen Marcelo provide the Portuguese with 9 assists (as of October 2015), and saw Ronaldo dish out his 4th assist to his teammate just two days ago.

While Ronaldo has increasingly drifted towards the box to make an impact on the game there is no doubt that his connection with Marcelo on the wing continues to create problems for defenders every game. Just recently we saw Ronaldo play as the lone striker for Levante, yet still combine effectively with Marcelo to produce a goal. In addition to this Marcelo produced several testing crosses that were clearly intended for Ronaldo. Looking forward to PSG, the pair could be key in breaking down an experienced defense, especially since Madrid are certain to go to Paris missing at least two key players.

But while all my talk has been about football, what is perhaps more important is that they are good friends. The harmony the two create in the dressing room is clear for everyone to see and is something the media conveniently ignores when they report almost daily about the "problems" between Cristiano Ronaldo and co.

While some might feel it odd that Real Madrid have decided to honor the pair with an article at this stage, I personally feel privileged to watch the two play together and I am sure most Madrid fans feel the same way. Ronaldo and Marcelo, long may your brilliance continue.

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