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October 9 Internationals Open Thread

Let's chat about internationals. Or whatever.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

If you like international matches, today is your lucky day. A total of nine EURO qualifiers are taking place this evening with three Real Madrid players potentially seeing minutes. Isco "Disco" Alarcon, Nacho "Nacho" Man (click!) and Denis "The Menace" Cheryshev are all pulling national team duty which, at this point, is akin to jury duty due to its laborious nature. Though none are starting, they could still likely see minutes today as their sides do their best to qualify for FIFA's 2016 spectacle.

If Spain or Russia don't interest you then you can watch other thrilling matchups such as Slovenia v. Lithuania and Slovakia v. Belarus. Real barn-burners, those.

The matches are as follows:

Group C
Macedonia v. Ukraine
Slovakia v. Belarus
Spain v. Luxembourg

Group E
England v. Estonia
Slovenia v. Lithuania
Switzerland v. San Marino

Group G
Liechtenstein v. Sweden
Moldova v. Russia
Montenegro v. Austria

Pray to whatever gods or deities you hold dear that Real Madrid's players survive today without anything broken or blown up on their bodies because this FIFA break has already been a colossal pain in the keister. Come back safe, fellas.

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