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November 12 Managing Madrid Open Thread

Kind of a slow day so let's keep things light.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Not much is going on in the world of Real Madrid today. Oh, aside from the continuing Karim Benzema blackmail allegations, Cristiano Ronaldo's mood and future at the club, the massive injury crisis that continues to plague the team and the upcoming Clasico on the other side of the international break. But aside from that it's pretty slow.

So, that's why we figured we'd have an open thread to talk about whatever you want. Here are some conversation starters:

  • Team tactics and performance so far;
  • Hypothetical transfers (if that's the kind of mind-numbing stuff you want to waste time on);
  • International break matches;
  • The 2011-2012 Real Madrid side and how perfect it was;
  • FourFourTwo's list of top-100 stadiums or Spain's new interesting kit;
  • Other sports;
  • FM16 being released tomorrow and Fallout 4 being released recently and how many hours of your life you're going to waste on them;
  • Movies, TV, literature, music, art in general;
  • Whether the dress was blue or gold;
  • What you're doing and where you're going for the upcoming holidays;
  • The best way for me to get this damn glitter off my clothes;
  • The U.S. election season (haha, JK, no politics and I mean that);
  • In a world of moral ambiguity, a world of "gray" areas instead of moral black and whites, good vs. evil etc., how do we make moral choices? How do we choose between two competing bad choices? Or how do we choose between two competing good choices?;
  • Whatever else.
That should be enough to get some chatter going. Alright, have at it and behave your damn selves.

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