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Player Ratings: El Clasico, Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

Disgraceful night at the Bernabeu.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

GK - Keylor Navas:


Although I thought he could've done better on the second goal, Navas made some saves which prevented this Madrid performance from getting even more embarrassing. Considering he had such a weak and disorganized defense in front of him, Keylor really did as much as he could.

RB - Danilo


The Brazilian defender was one of the worst players on the field. He was not able to keep Neymar back and was always caught out of position. He was also seen switching positions in order to try and help the centre-backs which then allowed Neymar to attack so much through the left wing. On the occasions when he joined the attack he lost the ball and gave away easy passes to the opposition. After this performance I don' think there should really be a doubt regarding Carvajal being a starter.

CB - Raphael Varane


The frenchman was unable to keep up with Suarez and Neymar. One of the worst performances I have ever seen from Varane who is usually a very convincing player against Barcelona.

CB - Sergio Ramos


The captain was also part of a dreadful defensive line and was very much at fault for the first goal which left Marcelo having to cover him after Ramos had gone out of position and left his area unattended. Ramos was also unable to organize his defense to play the offside trap correctly and this cost the team two goals (although one could argue Neymar's goal was offside). Considering he is dealing with a chronic shoulder injury, I think this is the manager's fault for starting a player that is not 100% fit in a match where everyone needs to be in top shape.

LB - Marcelo


Marcelo was probably the only defender who showed the most spirit and grit to help his team throughout the first half. The brazilian defender was very promising when attacking through the wings and had a very good shot on goal at the beginning of the second half that could've perhaps changed things for Real if he had scored; however, his contribution was cut short when he was substituted after picking up an injury.

CM - Toni Kroos


Kroos had a howler, the German hasn't been in form this whole season and this performance showed just that. He was absolutely shocking defensively and his passes seemed rushed and unsure at times. Judging by his decision making, he seemed to always pick the easy passes and was lacking confidence.

CM - Luka Modric


Although Luka tried his best to get some sort of order in midfield and tried to connect the back four to the attacking trio he, along with Kroos, failed miserably. The pressure put on by Barcelona in midfield was too much for him to deal with. Modric was often seen dwelling on the ball in midfield, looking to find a pass but would ultimately just make a dead end pass. Even though Modric showed a bit more grit defensively it was obviously not enough since Busquets and Iniesta had a free for all in midfield.

CAM - James Rodriguez


The Colombian showed some promising signs on his first start for Madrid in almost two months. James played some intricate passes in the opposition's half and had various attempts on goal but still wasn't able to find a way to connect with the attacking three. He was subbed off at the beginning of the second half after picking up a yellow card.

LW - Cristiano Ronaldo


The portuguese star was just nonexistent throughout the first half and really struggled to find the spaces in attack. Considering that the few attempts on goal he did have were saved by a remarkable Bravo, his presence on the field was very undermined by the performance of the whole team.

RW - Gareth Bale


Bale is one of the players who worries me the most about in team. The welshman looks absolutely disarranged. Throughout the first half he was seen blindly running into three defenders without raising his head up to look for team mates. He took a lot of absurd shots from outside the box and just looks completely out of place in attack. Defensively he offered absolutely nothing and never tracked back to help his full-back defensively.

ST - Karim Benzema


The frenchman was atrocious, but who can blame him? This was obviously not the game for him to come back into the team, much less as a starter. This was a terrible mistake by the manager who should've taken into consideration that the player's personal problems off the field have affected his mentality and physical form on the turf.

SUBS: (Isco for James, Carvajal for Marcelo)

Isco -


Showed some signs of classy attacking play and will to help his team mates on defense but this was all overshadowed by a ridiculous foul on Neymar which earned him a red card.

Carvajal -


In the 32 minutes he was on the field he showed passion, grit and will to help his team. His speed and athleticism really showed when defending against Neymar in that left wing but still earned himself a yellow card after a foul on the brazilian.

Absolutely shocking performance by this Real Madrid side.

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