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November 24 Managing Madrid Open Thread

Live, laugh, love in today's open thread.

Tomorrow is when Real Madrid steps back out on the (chilly Ukrainian) pitch again to try and put the lasting images of its 0-4 whoopin' versus Barcelona in past. No pressure, guys. But until then, we have to get through a day of Champions League games outside the realm of our favorite club so this would be a great time to chat about them.

On today's decent schedule we have the likes of Barcelona-Roma, Dinamo Zagreb-Arsenal, Porto-Dynamo and a smattering of others. Zenit already took down Valencia in the earlier match so there's that too.

If you don't want to talk Champions League, use this space to share whatever else is on your minds. Personally, I'd love to get an FM16 discussion but this is ya'll's forum. Just remember to be civil and get along with each other and everything should be fine.

Alright, have at it.

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