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BREAKING: Real Madrid could be disqualified from Copa del Rey

Cheryshev was suspended and yet he is playing the game.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Huge news for Real Madrid. Los Blancos are facing a potential disqualification from the Copa del Rey after Cheryshev's presence in the Starting XI even though he was suspended for this game, according to several reports. Real Madrid are now beating Cádiz 0-1 but this could be meaningless if Cádiz decide to appeal.

Even the crowd at Cádiz's stadium is singing "Cheryshev cannot play" during the game, so it definitely looks like this is big enough so that Cádiz is going to appeal and Real Madrid will be out of the competition.

If this is confirmed, it was a serious mistake from Benítez's coaching staff and also Real's delegates. This is the kind of mistake that gets coaches fired if Real Madrid cannot fight for the Copa del Rey title after such mistake. Expect more news on this matter to be published soon enough after the game as well. Cádiz and Madrid will have something to say.

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