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Problems are bigger than just the manager

Players should also be blamed.

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Since when did it become okay to laugh while your team is losing in their home stadium? When did it become normal for players to make cheeky, borderline disrespectful comments about their own manager? Since when did being captain of this great club give you the power to undermine your manager and send little ambiguous messages to your president? Real Madrid are in such an intricate situation that I can't remember the last time I saw my beloved club win by 8 goals and still be completely unsatisfied with their performance. Last weekend's game against Rayo was probably the most deflated I've felt all season, please let me explain why.

After this game, I finally realized that this manager has absolutely no influence on this team. These players are completely going out on a limb every game, hoping they all magically click somehow and can truly care less about the manager's tactics and his ideas, which then raises my other question. If we got rid of Ancelotti because he got along too well with the players and almost became their best buddy and that essence of total respect and seriousness was lost, then why bring a manager like Benitez who's just gonna try do the same thing but instead get along terribly with the players. As confusing as this may sound, all I really ask of Benitez is this: If you're gonna demand respect and you don't really care about your personal relationship with the players, then BENCH EVERYBODY YOU THINK NEEDS TO BE BENCHED. Don't just bench Cheryshev and Lucas because they're the easiest to bench and you know it won't have any serious repercussions.

Mr. Ramos thinks he's clever and wants to say in the media that you "must be the answer if the president says so" and is performing like a Liga Adelante player, guess what: BENCH. Cristiano is angry all the time on the pitch, is out of form and doesn't stop talking about Paris and "the future no one knows", you sir sound like you're not fully concentrated on taking this team forward this season, you will have more time thinking about your future on the BENCH. Mr. "ISCO DISCO" is "angry' because he didn't start against Barcelona and gets himself sent off (purposely, let's be honest) after you give him time on the field and likes to make funny faces about Kroos being on the bench and how he can't possibly begin to imagine the reason why (even though Kroos has been complete.......(beep) this season, then guess what? grab a blanket Mr. Francisco because there's a good seat for you on the BENCH. Stop trying to be Ancelotti, your work ethic and squad rotations are the only reasons you were brought in.

I don't think Benitez is the answer for us but I'm having an extremely tough time understanding how these players can be so unprofessional, after all this is their only job (they play a game and make millions). If a new supervisor was hired at your job tomorrow and you didn't get along with him, it doesn't mean you can start stealing from your job and blaming him for your lunch getting cold. As much as you may dislike him, you maintain a professional attitude and do your job. After all, this is the only way Mourinho knows.

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