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Madrid Backsliding To Old Ways

With rumors swirling that Rafa Benitez is soon to get the boot in his next slip up, what type of effect will that have on the club?

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

If Real Madrid opt to rid themselves of Rafa Benitez this early on in this season, it may allude to more managers getting the boot before having a real effect on the team. After some stability in the form of a three year tenure of Jose Mourinho and two year spell with Carlo Ancelotti, Madrid consistently had a playing style of quick counters and sharp passing. Now, Los Blancos look as if they are on the verge of reverting back to old ways. A revolving door is probably a good way to think of it. Talented managers and players signed and released season after season, causing a domino effect, which ultimately results in a lack of chemistry in the squad. Managers are simply not given a sufficient amount of time to make an impact or build a dynasty at Madrid, just as Sir Alex Ferguson did at Manchester United for example.

Madrid is overdue in taking a hard look in the mirror. Perhaps they should take notes from rivals Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, and focus on cultivating the talent on the pitch, respecting managerial authority (thus giving up some player power and influence), and not just be a global brand. Constantly acquiring new managers and players will not aid in improving the team in the long-term, resulting in erratic and unpredictable performances.

This may only happen once the hierarchy at the club comprehends this. The club president and his staff need to understand that mistakes do happen, for example, in the form of poor signings, and it is normal to go through a transitional period. Madrid’s quick-fire nature has deterred many managers from coming to the Bernabeu. To the chain of command at Madrid, it may seem like a sign of weakness, but actually grasping that stability is needed may be the best solution possible to allow Real to resurrect as a domestic and European powerhouse.

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