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Immediate Reaction: Real Madrid 3 - 1 Real Sociedad

An eventful 3-1 scoreline to say the least

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

A concoction of whistles, cheers, bad calls, and heroics made up this bizzarre Wednesday evening match-up at the Bernabeu. Despite some trouble and heavy pressure from the Bernabeu, Real Madrid came away with three points against La Real.

  1. On the general flow of the match, Real Madrid played a strong match which perhaps only seems flattering because the Bernabeu whistle at everyone and everything. Case-in-point: James was fantastic throughout the match. After 35 minutes, he misplaced just one pass, and was jeered heavily for it. He played some key passes along the way including a great through ball to Gareth Bale in the second half which nearly led to a goal.

    There were some difficulties a long the way without doubt. Real Madrid were awarded with dubious penalties - one of which Ronaldo skied over the bar - which affected the result, and Real Sociedad had large chunks of controlled possession throughout the match and were patient in their build-up play. Bruma's goal was phenomenal, and there's not much Real Madrid could have done to prevent it. Perhaps Modric could have closed Burma down quicker to give Danilo some cover, but that would have also left his man at the top of the box wide open. 

    Rulli and Navas were both fantastic in goal for their respective teams.

  2. Gareth Bale - MOTM. Bale was fantastic, and the world was turned upside down when the Bernabeu started applauding for the little passes he was making. Bale threatened all game and was composed with his passing and ability to get out of tight situations. In probably his most underrated play all match, he out-sprinted a player with plenty of ground to cover and won the ball back defensively to dissolve a wave of attack from Sociedad.

    Just fantastic. His Dashboard below shows 5 successful tackles, 3 interceptions, 1 assist, and 23/27 passes completed.

  3. You have to appreciate what Ronaldo did today - not for his overall performance - but for his heroics. This was the Ronaldo we have come to know and love - the one who steps up when the team really needs him. Fantastic finish, and hopefully one that turns a new leaf on his season.

  4. I usually only make three points, but I'm making an exception here for Lucas Vasquez, who's made me eat some words about him. I love what this kid is doing, and I loved his composure with the ball today.

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