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Five takeaways from the 4-1 win against Real Sociedad

It was a good win after a rough start that featured a terrific Karim Benzema and very unfair Bernabéu crowd.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

1. Benzema is criminally underrated

I can guarantee you that there are still lots of fans that believe there are better options than Karim Benzema. "Sign Agüero!", "Bring Falcao!", "Go get Éder!" (ok, maybe not that one). To all that I say: NONSENSE. Karim is perfect for Real Madrid and he doesn't get the appreciation he deserves. It's incredible that the Bernabéu takes a lot of time to boo their own players and not cheer for them.

Benz sets up his own scoring chances and his technique is ridiculous for a striker. He can move everywhere, whether it's outside the box or inside of it. He makes things for his teammates and his coach a lot easier. That could be the reason why Chicharito Hernández doesn't play a lot. He just can't keep up with Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale up there, and he won't feed them as well as Benzema does.

I sincerely hope that fans will finally wake up and realize that it just doesn't get any better than this. Benzema is perfect for Real Madrid. The end.

2. Seriously, Bernabéu crowd, what the hell?!

Gareth Bale was the target of another upset crowd at the Bernabéu against Real Sociedad and was booed again after missing a couple great chances, including one that he stole from James Rodríguez. For the record, the team was already winning 4-1 when he was booed.

While it's true that Bale has had better days, that doesn't justify the booing. Actually, booing your own players just doesn't make any sense, especially when guys who have never done anything for this team get loud ovations, like David Silva, Fernando Llorente or even Andrés Iniesta. It doesn't matter if it's Casillas, Bale, Illarramendi (who was booed too) or Nacho. That kind of behaviour is just insulting. Maybe I'm mistaken, but as far as I know Bale scored a brilliant goal in the Copa del Rey final last season and another one in the Champions League final.

Bale has struggled lately, and he should perform better. We know the player he can be, but the pressure and unfair treatment from the fans is finally affecting him. If you think booing will help, think again.

3. No Ronaldo? No problem!

Who needs that bum? Real Madrid play better without him anyway, right? Well, not exactly.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the keystone of this team, and his contributions are essential if the White Knights expect to win anything this season. However, the team is so insanely talented that they can overcome CR7's loss for a few games and still look good. Against Real Sociedad, it was Karim Benzema who stole the show with a ridiculous performance and that incredible goal. Next week, it could be Bale (boooo!!!), or James or even Jesé.

Ancelotti is smart enough to make this team work without their star and yesterday was proof of that. Let's hope the team steps up once again against Sevilla.

4. Rotating against Sevilla might be a great idea

Carlo Ancelotti was asked in his post match presser if he was planning on rotating for the Sevilla game, in order to have his entire team available for the key game against Atlético de Madrid. Carlo said he probably would.

If Marcelo and James are booked, they will miss that match, which makes Carletto's decision a lot easier. Jesé desperately needs some playing time to regain his shape, and on the back there's still Coentrao or Nacho. Considering it's a home game, I think the Italian coach could afford to give his starters a day off.

5. Slow starts are getting old

It didn't take long for Real Sociedad to get a lead against Real Madrid. Same thing happened against Córdoba and Atlético de Madrid. Los Blancos have repeatedly said they will fix that and yet, it keeps happening.

For some reason, Ancelotti's men don't look as focused at the start of some games and that is simply inexcusable. They have been able to overcome a couple of those slow starts, but like it happened in the Copa del Rey, sometimes those will kill you. After all, it took Torres the first minute of the game to crush any hopes of a potential comeback for Real Madrid.

With the schedule looking tougher with the Champions League returning, Carlo needs to fix that quickly or they might end up saying goodbye to La Liga or the Champions League as well.

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