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BREAKING: Fabio Coentrao Injured in Training

In other news, the sky is blue.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

You'll never be able to guess who picked up a knock in training today. That's right, Fabio "Abou Diaby" Coentrao. The Portuguese LB had to leave training halfway through due to a calf strain which will keep him out of this weekend's clash against Deportivo de La Coruña and an estimated 7-10 days.

While this isn't the end of the world due to Madrid playing at home and being a heavy favorite against a Depor side which is lingering in between relegation and midtable, it is annoying that such a promising player is once again hampered by injuries given that he just returned from the sidelines not too long ago. It seems like there's always something keeping Coentrao out of action and because of this, plus a sense of off again on again affection from the crowds, Fabio might be leaving town this summer as Madrid is being linked to a couple of LB replacements.

Until then, we can only hope that this is nothing serious as Madrid's back line is already stretched dangerously thin. All the best to Fabio on his recovery.

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