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Carlo Ancelotti: "Marcelo is fine, he just had a knock on his calf"

It wasn't a convincing performance, but at least Real Madrid got a much needed win and Marcelo's injury wasn't serious.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media after a positive result but a disappointing performance.

He started by sharing his thoughts on the game (while correcting a journalist who thought the game ended 2-1):

It wasn't an easy game. We played partially well as we struggled at times. It was a complicated week, but we got the win, which is good for us to improve and come back to what we've been doing all season long. The team was focused, and in the end it all went well. The fans supported us and they understood the moment we are living right now. They are helping us overcome this situation.

On the fans booing him at the start of the game:

It's normal, because like we said. It's frustrating to lose a derby 4-0. It's frustrating for us and for the fans. It's important to have the support of our fans, especially in a moment like this one. It's tougher to support when things are a bit more complicated, but they supported us, and the team are thankful for it.

On Cristiano Ronaldo's average performance:

I think it was a positive game for him. He didn't score, but he was dangerous. He hit the crossbar in the first half and also had an assist. He played a good game.

Isco was by far the best player for Real Madrid, but Carlo doesn't think he's carrying the team right now:

I don't think he's carrying the team. He's playing well and scored a big goal today, but he worked as hard as his teammates. He's living a good moment and we have to enjoy it.

On the lack of defending from his three attackers:

The work Bale put in was amazing. He was great on defence, and helped with our two lines of four-men when we didn't have the ball. We always play like this.

What is the team missing these days:

We struggled because it was a peculiar week after a surprising result against Atlético, but the team's reaction was good. We are looking forward and we still lead La Liga.

On Isco, Illarramendi and Kroos playing too close to each other at times:

I think that was a mistake on our part. When we had the ball, there were times when they were too close to each other, and that stopped us from having good possessions.

Was this the Real Madrid the Italian coach expected to see today:

Totally. I told the players we had to be prepared to struggle, and that we needed to be focused to win, that there was only one possible outcome for this game. In the end, we did a good job.

On the Bernabéu booing Iker Casillas:

He was booed at the start but then he played a good game. He turned those boos into cheers.

Managing Madrid's Lucas Navarrete then asked about Marcelo's condition and if his injury was serious or not:

It was just a knock on his calf. That's why I took him out. He's ok and he can keep playing.

Finally, he shared a few words on Lucas Silva's debut and if it had anything to do with Illarramendi's performance:

Illarramendi played well, fought hard and ran all over the pitch all game long. I just took him out to give Silva some minutes. He's improving and he's gaining an ideal shape. I think he's ready to be a starter, if needed.

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