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Ancelotti: "Isco will always start if healthy"

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Modric will not be able to play against Villarreal just yet.

Modric still isn't available. He's worked well and is almost ready but he still needs to work. We want to play him against Schalke. Modric, Ramos and Khedira should be ready to play soon.

Bale has improved his performances lately and he's been one of the reasons behind Real's improvement.

The last games he's played, Bale has showed a very good attitude, just like his teammates. His contribution last week was great even though he could not score. We need a positive Bale and that's why I think he will keep playing this way. Luckily, Bale wasn't injured after the tackle the other day. These things happen in football.

Isco can play everywhere on the field, says Ancelotti.

It's hard to say what's Isco's best position, because's he's played well everywhere. We need to use his skills in offense more than defense, but his attitude has been very positive and that's the main reason behind his improvement.

Ancelotti knows that Villarreal will be a tough challenge.

Villarreal have quality, they are well-organized and they play football well. They beat Atlético and played well against Barcelona. They're elite level and that's why we need to play at our best. Marcelo is doing a great job, I like the way he works. It will be a match with a lot of intensity, they will change their squad in order to have their players completely ready to go and fight.

And then, the highlight of this press conference.

If Isco is ready, he will always play. His presence on the XI is undisputed if he's healthy.

When asked about whether he needs to make some rotations ahead of March 22nd's El Clásico, Ancelotti shared his feelings.

We don't need to make rotations right now. We're not thinking about El Clásico. Some coaches are criticized if they rotate their squad and others are criticized when they don't make rotations. It's not easy to understand and find the balance.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke about Lucas Silva's skills as well.

Lucas Silva has played well, he's a smart player with quality. He plays simple and quick and makes things easy for his teammates.

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