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FC Barcelona keen on signing Real Madrid star?

They can't sign anybody, but who cares? Right? Right?!

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

According to Josep María Bartomeu's official newspaper Mundo Deportivo, FC Barcelona will try to sign either Paul Pogba or Real Madrid's own Isco Alarcón. Apparently, their ban doesn't matter at all. That way, Mundo Deportivo have an excuse and a good reason not to place Barça's judicial problems on their cover. It should be noted that Mundo Deportivo said that Barcelona were going to sign players without registering them to play for 4 months, something that the biggest stars would surely accept in order to join FC Barcelona.

The simple idea of Barcelona pursuing Isco Alarcón when they can't make any signing at all until January 2016 is quite silly. Isco is a crucial player for Real Madrid's future and Los Blancos would never sell him to FC Barcelona. This is definitely a laughable transfer rumor that should remind every Barcelona fan how toxic their board actually is. Luckily enough for them, they will have the chance to elect a new President this next summer.

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