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La Liga, Atlético de Madrid vs Real Madrid: Player ratings

Brace yourselves for some very low digits.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

First off, losing to one of the 3-4 best teams in the world on the road with five regular starters out is no crime. The odds were stacked against Real Madrid and this showed. However, getting embarrassed and simply going through the motions with seemingly no effort IS incredibly disappointing. Hope you all like brutal ratings.

Iker Casillas: 0. Yes, he may have been obstructed on the first goal but the ball hit him square in the hands and trickled through. That's unacceptable and it's not as if he made much of an effort on the other three goals. Keylor should spell him for a game and soon.

Fabio Coentrao: 3. Fabio tried his best and was probably the "best" performer today, for whatever that's worth. Still, zero impact on offense and Marcelo's creativity was sorely missed.

Raphael Varane: 0. You'd expect Nacho to struggle given his limited minutes but not the talented Frenchman. Looked just as rattled as his partner and give Atleti's players far too much space on the goals. In a way his performance hurts more than Nacho's.

Nacho: 1. I'm grading him on a bit of a curve here given all the factors leading to him starting today, but it wasn't a good audition for a future starting spot by any means. He picked things up after the initial barrage but so, so many of his clearances went right to Atleti's players. We shouldn't draw too many conclusions about his ability, I guess, but he certainly seems to be more of a FB than a CB.

Dani Carvajal: 1. Showed some gumption and willing to fight, as he always does, but his marking was very poor and you can very easily pin a couple goals on him. Contributed nothing on offense when he was badly needed given that Marcelo was out and Sami was positioned in front of him.

Toni Kroos: 2. Only starter to break the 90 percent passing rate barrier but what good was it? Defensively he got swept aside by Atleti's intensity and on offense he looked timid. The man simply shouldn't be played as a DM. For as genius of a long distance shooter as he's been with his German contingent, he's been as equally hesitant to fire away with Madrid.

Isco: 1. With James and Luka Modric out, someone had to step up to be the creative force and that responsibility fell on Isco. Unfortunately, he didn't run with it as he was stifled by Atleti's players on the way to a mostly invisible showing. Had a couple decent dribbles and forays in the final third but nothing significant.

Sami Khedira: 0. Sami was chosen for his size and physical advantage yet it never came into play. Once you take that away what's left? Decisive passing? Ball movement? A threat on goal? In reality, none of those and he was accordingly subbed off at halftime for Jese.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 0. Remember the CR who scored at will and took over games on his own? Because I honestly don't. I thought his performance a couple weeks ago was the worst in a Madrid shirt but he one-upped himself today. Zero goals, shots on target, take-ons chances created or crosses completed. When you consider that he had two weeks of rest coming into this match, his output, mostly standing around looking pissed, is absolutely unacceptable. Dude needs to step it up immediately.

Gareth Bale: 2. Started invisible like the others of the BBC and unfortunately it took Madrid falling behind early to get him going, but at least he showed some oomph at that point. Problem was that he had no answer for Atleti smothering and couldn't be much of a difference-maker, whether through his shooting or chance creation.

Karim Benzema: 0. I usually go out of my way to defend Benz, even at the expense of making me look silly, but I can't defend him today because I genuinely don't recall a single thing he did on the pitch. Completely invisible.

Jese: 2. The kid tried, I'll give him that, but service to him wasn't great and he wasn't able to penetrate the Atleti back line like I thought he wood. I wouldn't at all be opposed to him starting the next match in place of one of the usual three.

Asier Illarramendi: 2. Had a strong shot late but was saved. Otherwise, quiet like the rest of his teammates.

Javier Hernandez: N/A. Came on late but didn't have much time to make an impact.

Harsh ratings? Yeah, the game is still fresh in my memory and maybe it needs a second viewing, but not one Real Madrid player stood out in any positive way today. Atleti, on the other hand, deserves a perfect 10/10 for all involved.

Please feel free to share your ratings in the comments section below.

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