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Carlo Ancelotti: "That was our worst performance since I've been here"

Carletto said this was an "awful" game, and he sounded very disappointed with the attitude of his players.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The Italian coach is generally very calm, even after losses. He sounded very disappointed and rightfully so, after the 4-0 loss to Atlético de Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti first talked about the key to this awful loss:

I think it's very simple to read this game. Atlético deserved to win this game because they were better than us in every aspect. The fight, the quality of their game, organization. It's really easy to evaluate this game. Why did this happen? That's what we need to look at this week. We're very sorry for this loss. We have to change this attitude and avoid more games like this in the future.

On the team's effort:

Everything went wrong. We lost every encounter, every ball in the air. We didn't play a good game. Not one of our players stood out.

Will something change after this humiliating loss?:

I need to keep a cool head and take the responsibility for this loss. This is the worst game Real Madrid has played since I've been here. We have to take a look at what went wrong and change our attitude, but we can't forget we're still in first place in La Liga. This was a bad game. Awful, even. Like I said, this has been our worst match, but I won't feed the noise. I trust this team and our reaction after the Real Sociedad loss was amazing, and I expect the same after this one.

Some guy didn't even ask a question, he just said the team embarrassed themselves at the Vicente Calderón. Not that he's wrong, though:

I just said this was our worst game, so I don't need if I need to add anything else. Every player understands that. I have no problem saying Atlético played a lot better than us, but we'll make the final evaluations at the end of the season.

Should they just forget about this loss and keep working like usual:

I think we can't forget this game. We need to take a look at the mistakes we made and fix them. As the coach, I have to take responsibility for this loss. It's not normal for a team like Real Madrid to lose like this. That's on me. We have to improve quickly.

What went wrong with Real Madrid's attack?:

We didn't move the ball properly, we didn't pressure well, we didn't recover any balls and we didn't have any chances to counter. We failed in every aspect.

Carlo was asked about his starting lineup and if he thinks he should've done something different:

The starting lineup was our most logic one to use against Atlético. I started Khedira to help in set pieces because we didn't have many tall players out there. At the end, what wasn't normal was the attitude and lack of effort of all of us.

On the possibility of stop using the BBC against Atlético:

Last year we won the Club World Cup and the Champions League using those three forwards, so I don't think that question doesn't make any sense. I will say it again, if they're fine, they will keep playing.

On the poor record against Atlético this season:

They won this game and they deserved it. They were better than us in everything. This is a very long season, but they just won three points today. We will see at the end who ends up in first place.

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