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La Liga 2015, Real Madrid - Villarreal: Player ratings

Only Marcelo shone in a really tough game for Real Madrid.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

  • Casillas: 8. A good game by Casillas tonight, who did not have a chance to block Moreno's shot in Villarreal's goal and left a couple of very good saves both in the first and the second half.
  • Carvajal: 7. As usual, Dani showed an incredible amount of energy, but that did not serve him to slide through his rivals on the right wing. He stopped what would have been Villarreal's first goal in around the fifteenth minute.
  • Pepe: 7. A good game by Pepe, who left some very important interceptions and covered the back of a sloppy Varane in a few occasions.
  • Varane: 5. Not a good game by Varane tonight, as he made some silly mistakes in the second half, when Villarreal started to attack heavily, and could have costed us some more goals. He created some danger with his aerial play in our offensive set pieces, but he did not manage to score.
  • Marcelo: 8. A great game by Marcelo, who was, once again, Real Madrid's most dangerous player, and whose willpower was our only hope in the last ten minutes. We can keep talking about Gayà or other left-backs, but none of them have what it takes to dispute Marcelo's spot.
  • Kroos: 6. Toni left a good performance in the first half, dictating the tempo of the game, but he was not able to catch up with Villarreal's increased pace after Real Madrid scored their goal.
  • Silva: 5. Like Kroos, he did a solid job in the first half, although his passing seemed too horizontal, and he disappeared every time Real Madrid reached Villarreal's box.
  • Isco: 7. Isco did a good job in the first half, although his final pass was a bit sloppier than we would have needed. He was subbed off after Villarreal's equalizer in what I consider a terrible mistake from Ancelotti, as his association with an on-fire Marcelo could have meant a victory for us.
  • Bale: 5. Poor game by Bale today, who had a really hard time when attacking through the right wing, and who missed a very clear shot from the top of the box when Real Madrid were on the lead.
  • Benzema: 5. Not a good game by Benzema either, as he was not able to trick Villarreal's centerbacks to open some space for Ronaldo and Bale and did not have any clear goal occasion for himself either.
  • Ronaldo: 7. He was fouled inside the box and scored Real Madrid's goal from the penalty spot, and was the player with the biggest number of shots in the game, thus proving that he is recovering his form. A couple of games more and his accuracy will be back, and we will see his hat-tricks once again.
  • Jesé: 5. He had around thirty minutes of play today, in the Bernabéu, and he left some good actions,but he was not able to make an actual impact for Real Madrid to recover their advantage on the scoreboard. Besides, he missed an easy shot in front of an empty goal.
  • Illarramendi and Chicharito did not have enough game time to deserve a mark.

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