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Carlo Ancelotti: "We won't get very far playing like this"

Real Madrid miraculously advanced in the Champions League, but the team just reached their worst level in a long time, and Ancelotti knows it.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

After a 3-4 loss at the Bernabéu and lots of boos, Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media and admitted that this team is playing terrible football.

First, he talked about whether Real Madrid has reached a new low:

There is not much to say about this game. It's clear we are playing worse in every aspect of our game and that way we just won't get very far in this competition. We played so bad it's hard to explain it, or it might actually be very easy. Nothing at all worked for us. It looked like we had already advanced with the result of the first leg and it clearly wasn't the case. We need to change our attitude because we won't get far this way. We totally deserve to be booed, but that will motivate us.

The first half was bad enough, so what did the Italian coach say to his players at half time?:

We tried to fix the defensive side because no team, expect Barcelona, who won 3-4 with two penalties, had won with four goals. We also discussed a lack of organisation.

On the team's apparent lack of confidence:

That's true, we might lack some confidence. Physically we are not as good as we were. We have problems in every aspect of the game: offence, defence, fight, enthusiasm, focus.

Does Carlo sees himself getting fired?:

I do not think about it. I just do my job and try to do it better every day. I need to be better. It is the coach's responsibility to field a better team than the one we saw tonight.

On the players still trusting their coach:

I don't think so. There are a lot of things being said right now, but we have to be honest about it. We are playing really bad. It's hard to understand after the first half of the season. We need to do a lot more. I trust every single player, and they, along with their coach, have to key to fix this situation.

On the reason why Real Madrid is struggling so much:

It's hard to explain. Mostly, it's because we have lost some confidence in our game.

Does Carlo think Real Madrid ridiculed themselves?:

No, we are professionals, we don't ridicule ourselves. We play with honor for Real Madrid's shirt.

On the crowd booing and future of the team and that crucial Clásico against Barcelona next week:

Things change pretty quickly in football. In December we reached a 22-game winning streak and now we are at a low point. The fans showed their love because all the booing helps us wake up.

Finally, on Luka Modric finally returning after his injury:

He will help us control the ball better, being more efficient with it. We can't demand too much from him, and we have to go slowly with him. He did well for 30 minutes and he's going to help us a lot. So is Sergio Ramos, with his personality and courage.

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