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Five takeaways from the 3-4 defeat to Schalke 04

Real Madrid moved on to the Champions League quarterfinals last night, but none of its fans left the Bernabéu full of happiness.

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  1. Ancelotti's plan for the game was horrible. It was clear that Di Matteo would take some risks in order to be able to overcome the two-goal disadvantage Schalke had, so trying to control the ball and sit back to counterattack would have been a logical strategy for Real Madrid. Instead, Ancelotti made his men attack as if they were the ones who had lost the first leg, and the empty spaces between Real Madrid's three lines were a gentle invitation for Schalke's men to run and siege Casillas' box. The final result was no accident, as Schalke 04 had more shots on goal and ball possession than Real Madrid, and this is just unacceptable.

  2. Khedira should not get to wear the white T-shirt again. This is a statement that could be applied to some other players that featured last night due to their bad performance, but none of them got close the levels of indolence and apathy Sami showed. Ancelotti should have never given a spot to a man whose mind is anywhere but in Real Madrid, as he confirmed after the game by accepting that he might even be interested to move to Schalke 04, showing absolutely no pride or self-respect after being beaten by them.

  3. We definitely need a better goalkeeper than Iker Casillas. While it is true that Real Madrid's defensive system was horrible and that Casillas ended up saving the night with a couple of good saves in the last ten minutes, he should have never let the first two goals in and should have been able to do a bit more in the third one. We have reached a point in which every shot on goal our rivals achieve is considered a goal occasion, and this is only because Iker is no longer a world-class goalkeeper, but a player whose mistakes cost us more than what his saves give us.

  4. Cristiano Ronaldo is finally back. He has gone through a very rough couple of months, but his performance last night proves that all his problems are gone. Ronaldo was the only Real Madrid player who showed the attitude one should expect from a man in white, scored a brace that gave the team the oxygen needed in the first half and appeared everywhere on the pitch to help his fellow midfielders with the possession. With the best player in the world in shape, we will have chances to win both the league and the Champions League.

  5. Modric's recovery will be a true upgrade for the team. When he took Khedira's spot in the midfield, the way Real Madrid handled each possession dramatically changed. Luka gave the team the pause that Kroos and Isco were lacking and activated a right wing that had been almost innocuous thus far. A crucial man in Ancelotti's system is back after four months, and this is nothing but good news for Real Madrid.

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