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La Décima: The goal that changed history

Friend of the site and video editor Luis Calles released a new video about Sergio Ramos' equalizer in the Champions League Final against Atlético de Madrid. The script was written by Jose. I. López. You can find them both on Twitter by clicking on their names.

There are many videos about Ramos' goal out there, but this is arguably the best one. It's been less than one year since Ramos won Real Madrid La Décima with his header, but there is no question that, as Luis Calles says in his video, this goal changed the history of the club and will be remembered for ages, even by neutral football fans around the world.

Luis Calles has edited some other good videos, you can find them all on his YouTube channel here. And obviously, if you feel like recommending other videos you liked, please feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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