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Carlo Ancelotti: "If the fans didn't understand Isco's substitution, sorry"

The Italian looked clearly disappointed, even though he takes some positives from this game. His words on the fans' reaction after Isco left the game probably won't be taken well by a lot of people.

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A grumpy Ancelotti first started talking about what he thinks went wrong for Real Madrid:

I think we had a very bad pace in the first half. We crossed the ball a lot because we weren't moving the ball very quickly. For the second half we changed that pace and had lots of chances, but we weren't very efficient with the many chances we had.

On the team having to wait 45 minutes to finally go out and play with intensity:

Those are the things that happen in football. Sometimes it's hard to explain certain things that happen on the pitch. While it's true that we played way too slow in the first half, it was the exact opposite in the second one.

Was there any anxiety by Real Madrid's attackers?:

I don't know about anxiety. We had lots of chances but sometimes Asenjo made some terrific saves. We didn't have any luck on the finishing touches. We had 24 shots and only seven were on goal.

On Villarreal's performance:

They are a very organised team, with a clear identity and very clear ideas. They always do the same: a high quality game, and very organized.

On the team's physical condition:

I don't think this is about our condition. If that was the case, we would struggle in the first half and not in the second. We struggled to find good pace. We couldn't find an alternative to our crosses. We tried to attack the wings, but we had moved the ball too slowly.

When Isco was replaced by Asier Illarramendi, the Bernabéu didn't take it well (and with good reason). Carlo was asked about the booing that followed that controversial move:

Well, a coach is on the pitch. If the fans don't get it, sorry. The coach makes moves because he thinks it's what's best for the team. I did that to give the team more balance.

On Toni Kroos not having a lot of help in the middle of the pitch:

Lucas Silva tried to work right next to Kroos. While it was a bit risky in the first half, we improved in the second one. They barely had a couple chances, one of those was cleared by Iker and the other was the goal. After that we tried to pressure a bit higher, but Villarreal handled the ball very well.

Barcelona is now just two points away from Real Madrid. Is Carlo worried about his team's inconsistency the last few months?:

The team is improving. We lost two points, yes, but La Liga will be decided in the last game. We have to enjoy this lead and try to keep it up. We have a tough game in front of us, and we have to react properly.

On his team creating chances but not converting them:

Of course it's frustrating, but we created lots of chances. We just weren't lucky. Our second half was really good.

Finally, on the team's tight schedule and it's impact on the players' condition:

We are used to preparing games in three days. The team worked really well this week, but things didn't work out. I don't think we have a physical problem.

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