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Guardiola: "Porto have Danilo, Real Madrid's next player"

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

FC Bayern will play against Porto in the Champions League Quarterfinals, and Guardiola's analysis about this had something to do with Real Madrid.

Translation: Guardiola after the draw: "I know Tello from FC Barcelona and they have Danilo, Real Madrid's next player".

While Danilo's signing for Real Madrid was already all but sealed, Guardiola's comments about the right-back are surprising. Of course, one has to think that Guardiola has knowledge of Danilo's situation, especially given that his brother is a FIFA Agent too. So although there is no official confirmation about Danilo's future in the Spanish capital, it definitely seems that the Brazilian defender will become a Real Madrid player as soon as this 2014-2015 season ends.

Unless Guardiola is just trying to play mind games.

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