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Carlo Ancelotti: "We should have been more cool-headed in the end"

The Italian was disappointed with the result but he also took a lot of positives from this game. He wisely insisted that La Liga is far from being over.

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Real Madrid lost 2-1 after displaying some of their best football in a while during the first 60 minutes of the game. Carlo Ancelotti first talked about the team probably deserving more in this game:

I don't know. It was a game between two great teams. I think we did a great job up until that second goal. After that, it got very complicated for us. I take our performance from the first hour, where we played great. We controlled the game, were efficient on the attack and solid on defence. In the end, we should have been more cool-headed to tie the game. We abused of those long balls and lacked any clear ideas to attack. We had a terrific first hour, but the rest of the game wasn't as good.

After that impressive display in the first half, maybe La Liga could still be won by Los Blancos:

We need to keep up with this idea. The team has improved a lot. Of course, La Liga is more complicated now that Barcelona have a four-point lead, but we won't give up. We have to keep up what we did in those first 60 minutes.

Will Real Madrid focus on the Champions League now?:

Well, La Liga is not over. Barcelona is in the lead, but anything is possible in football. It's more complicated right now, but both tournaments are the priority for us.

Does Carlo think the best team won tonight?:

It's hard to tell. For an hour we played a lot better and in the last 30 minutes, Barcelona played great on the counter. In the end, I think both teams deserved to do something important. Barcelona did. Good for them.

Is 4-4-2 the scheme for the future?:

We played the way we always do. We always try to use two lines of four. Bale backed down a bit to cover Jordi Alba and he did well on defence. Then, we always tried to attack with three attackers.

Defensive mistakes were a huge problem for Real Madrid:

Like Barcelona do, we have dangerous players on set pieces. Good players like Suárez can move well and find tight spaces and passes. I don't think the goals were a product of defensive mistakes.

While Real Madrid played a spectacular first hour, they still wasted lots of chances. That probably was the key of the game:

Like i said, it would've been huge to take a lead after we tied the game with such great quality, and we had lots of chances but we lacked some luck. Same thing happened at the start of the second half when we had chances to take the lead. When a team is as balanced as Barcelona and has a lead, they have the advantage. With a lead, they can enjoy playing the counter.

How can Carlo explain Real Madrid's collapse in the final half hour of the game? Was it a physical problem?:

I don't think we had a physical problem but a mental one. We tried to tie the game without the same idea of play we used in the first hour of the game. We tried more complicated passes and plays, and that's why those last 30 minutes were so different than the rest of the game.

Tough loss, and it will definitely affect Real Madrid:

Of course it's a tough loss and it leaves us a bit frustrated, but it's better to at least have a good feeling after the performance we put in. That's what we struggled with in the last few games. With that in mind, we can improve for the remaining games in La Liga and the Champions League.

On Cristiano Ronaldo:

It hasn't. He played a very complete game. He worked hard, created chances and was always dangerous with the ball. He even hit the crossbar. I always see the same Cristiano.

How does Carlo feel after this loss:

I'm not happy with the result, which is normal, but I save the team's performance and our work. Now we have to make sure the team can play that way for 90 minutes.

Finally, on the team losing their cool head, did it have anything to do with Kroos and Modric running out of gas?:

It might be. Our midfielders worked very hard both on offence and defence. Modric and Kroos were huge in the first half, intercepting a lot of passes. They played great, but we have to consider they were a bit tired in the end.

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