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Sergio Ramos' contract extension in neutral

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Sergio Ramos turns 29 years old today, and while he would like to retire as a Real Madrid player his contract extension is in neutral right now, according to As.

His current contract expires in 2017, meaning that he will be 31. It would definitely make sense for Real Madrid to give him more years, but the club have not contacted Ramos' agent over the last six months, according to that report. Florentino Pérez has often explained that contract extensions should not be discussed mid-season, so expect Real Madrid and Ramos to get everything sorted out during next summer. After all, both parts surely want to reach an agreement.

Ramos is one of the world's finest defender and a Real Madrid legend who is still on his prime. While he is not the perfect player and sometimes makes mistakes, it would be nearly impossible to find a replacement for him on the transfer market.

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