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Ancelotti: "Modric is not available for tomorrow's match"

Real Madrid's manager rules out the Croatian dynamo.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

There have been rumbles this week that Luka Modric would make his return against Athletic Bilbao, but Ancelotti was quick to put those rumors to rest.

Modric will not be called for tomorrow's match, he will be on Tuesday. I will choose between Illarra, Khedira and Lucas Silva

Another point of discussion this week has been free kicks and who should be taking them. Ancelotti has a clear idea on this as well.

Cristiano takes the free kicks from the left and Bale from the other side. This topic is clear.

Last weekend's result and the team's state was brought up but Ancelotti held firm in his opinions, especially on a substitution which some questioned.

I have total confidence in this team. I am convinced that we will have a very good season. This week has been no different from the others. The team has worked as usual. I'm used to the criticisms. If I had to take off Isco to put Illarra, I would do it again.

This team isn't clicking like it was in 2014, Carlo has an idea why and what needs to be done to be successful tomorrow.

We have lost a little goal efficiency. That is because we are playing with less speed. Our intention is to start all matches with great intensity, but it's not always possible. The intensity will be very important tomorrow. It will be difficult to win in Bilbao.

He offered little explanation on his midfield selection.

Lucas Silva and Illarra differ in small details. I'm playing Lucas because I liked what he is doing.

However, he did touch on substitutions again.

The key to winning titles is to believe in what we are doing. If a player has to play thirty seconds it is because I believe that it is good for the team. The players understand it.

On the, presumably, newly-signed Danilo:

I know all the players who play in Europe, even Danilo. I like him, but now we don't think about signings.

On Martin Ødegaard:

Ødegaard is doing his job very well. He has quality and personality. I don't think he'll be in the list for Tuesday.

On the club's feelings toward him:

I feel supported by the club from the first day. They ask me to be stricter with my mellowness I've won three European cups.

He also gave a bit of good news regarding Sergio Ramos' return.

James still has not started to train with the team. Sergio Ramos will do so on Sunday.

Finally, his thoughts on the controversial location of the Copa del Rey final.

I have nothing to say about where the Cup final will be played. It is a matter of the club and a decision will be made soon.

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