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Ancelotti:"I don't think Bale is happy about his recent performances"

Ancelotti also confirmed that Ødegaard will not feature against Schalke.

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Ancelotti will keep trusting his BBC.

I trust Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo, no doubt. If they're ready, as I said weeks ago, they will always start, this is non-negotiable. We will not change our identity, that's why they will play in the same position as well, that's where they feel comfortable. I don't think Bale is happy about his recent performances, he will try to improve.

Real Madrid's coach unveiled what he told the players after the 1-0 loss to Bilbao.

I tried to explain them what happened during the match, and I think they understood and agreed with what I said. We know what our problem is and every game is a good chance to improve. We are passing the ball too much and our ball movement is not quick enough.

Ancelotti keeps saying that his team is not tired.

Kroos has not played that much, he is not tired. It's all a technical problem that we need to solve. He doesn't need rest because we had a couple of weeks to rest after being knocked-out of the Copa del Rey.

It will be crucial for Real Madrid to regain some confidence ahead of March 22nd's El Clásico.

Our chances in the next Clásico depend a lot on tomorrow and next Sunday's games. We want to play in the Camp Nou with confidence and we need good performances against Schalke and Levante to do that.

There were reports about Ødegaard making his first-team debut tomorrow, but it will not happen.

Martin Ødegaard will not play tomorrow but he's doing a very good job and he's a talented player.

Real Madrid have Modric and Khedira back, and Ramos will also make his return next Sunday, Ancelotti confirmed.

I will give both Khedira and Modric minutes tomorrow, but neither one will start. Ramos will be able to play next Sunday. Modric will help us a lot because his passes are deep and usually make the opposition lose their balance.

Lucas Silva also shared his thoughts on Tuesday's match against Schalke and Real Madrid's latest struggles.

I have lots to improve, but I have felt well and calm to play my football. I liked my first games here. We have a small advantage but we don't want to use it, we want to start the game well and enjoy a match without many surprises. I don't think there's a crisis, but we're calm and there are moments in which things don't happen the way we want them to happen, but we have to stay calm.

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