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Ancelotti: "Bale is not available"

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Ancelotti started the press conference saying that Bale is not available for Saturday's match.

Bale is not available for tomorrow's match but he should be for Tuesday's game against Atlético.

Ronaldo's ban was lifted, and Ancelotti explained why the club made that decision.

We appealed because we thought it was not fair. We need Cristiano's for tomorrow's match and we have the utmost respect towards Eibar. It was normal to appeal the yellow card. This might be a trap game just two days after a very difficult game, we need to be concentrated because we need to win every match in order to compete for La Liga.

Luka Modric felt some problems on his hamstring but he is ready to play, according to Ancelotti.

Modric was just tired because Wednesday was a match played with a lot of intensity. Everybody will feel better tomorrow and Luka will play.

When asked about why Keylor Navas is getting minutes while Chicharito or Jesé barely get chances, Ancelotti explained the following.

The goalkeeper position is different because they don't have chances to come in during the game.

Real Madrid would like to get a big win tomorrow, but the win is all that matters for Carlo.

We're not thinking about this, we need to get a win and we're in a difficult situation after Wednesday's tough match. We're looking forward to play well but I believe that this game will be different than the one against Granada.

Los Blancos will be forced to make some rotations tomorrow, as James and Kroos will be sitting this one with a suspension.

I haven't decided my XI just yet because I need to wait for tomorrow, when we will train for a while. I can only tell you that Jesé and Illarra have good chances to play. Jesé is starting to feel well, it's true that he needed some time to recover from his injury and get in shape. It usually takes one year to get completely back in form. It's clear that he needs some more minutes but he will get them from now on.

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