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La Liga, Real Madrid vs Eibar: Player ratings

A solid game by some of our usual subs.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images
  • Keylor Navas: -. Eibar did not manage to create any serious chance and, therefore, rating Navas' performance today is pointless.
  • Arbeloa: 9. An extraordinary game by Álvaro, not only in defensive terms, where his duties were not too hard today, but only when Los Blancos where attacking. He left a good assist to Chicharito and some key passes to the Mexican and Ronaldo.
  • Varane: 6. Just another day in the office for Rafa, who left a good tackle in front of Dani del Moral in almost the only chance we got to see him demanded. He did not shine in Real Madrid's set pieces today.
  • Ramos: 7. Solid performance to help Real Madrid build their attack from the beginning. When Los Blancos play with only three midfielders, Sergio's presence enable them to create superiorities there.
  • Marcelo: 7. His connection with Isco was not as productive as usual, but Marcelo still managed to help Real Madrid build their offensive play and create some chances. Like most of his fellow defenders, he did not have a lot of work today.
  • Illarramendi: 7. Solid performance by Asier, who did exactly what was expected of him to make Real Madrid's possessions fluid. Although it is clear that he is not Toni Kroos, he is a good bench player that Ancelotti could have used more.
  • Modric: 7. Once again, the most imaginative man in Real Madrid's midfield, giving the white attacks the unpredictability they lacked during his absence. He left the field in the sixtieth minute to be unanimously ovationed by the fans in the Bernabéu.
  • Isco: 7. The malagueño got his spot back thanks to James' ban and, although he played well, he was not able to make a statement on why he should be a starter above the Colombian. His dribbling and passing were brilliant, as usual, but he slowed down many Real Madrid's attacks when that was not necessary.
  • Jesé: 7. Big Flow is not fit yet and is not a winger, which explains his poor overall performance. Still, he managed to create advantages every time he appeared in the middle and got a brilliant goal in the end.
  • Javier Hernández: 8. Chicharito started a game for the first time in 2015 and was, arguably, Real Madrid's best striker today. Not only he managed to score, but he was also able to understand Ronaldo and Jesé's movements and couple with them throughout the game.
  • Ronaldo: 7. For the first time since last season's 0-4 victory over Bayern Munich, Ronaldo scored a free-kick that opened the scoreboard. He had a couple more of good chances to score, but his aim was not as good as last Sunday. However, it is clear that he is ready to lead Real Madrid in the Champions League clash against Atlético.
  • Nacho, Pepe and Silva entered the field in the sixtieth minute, when the game was already decided, so rating their performance in the same scale as their partners' would not be fair.

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