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Dani Carvajal did not bite Mandzukic

No matter how many videos you see, it will be impossible for you to prove that the right-back pulled of a Luis Suárez on Mandzukic.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Controversy in the Spanish press surrounding Dani Carvajal's affair with Mario Mandzukic during Tuesday's 0-0 draw between Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid. Some reports in As are trying to influence UEFA even though the referee did not see a single thing about this incident. Furthermore, presumption of innocence should abide here, considering that there is no ultimate evidence which proves that Carvajal bit Mario Mandzukic.

Take a look at Mandzukic reaction. The Croatian striker does nothing after Carvajal's "alleged bite". Real's right-back did punch Mandzukic, and that could have cost him a straight red card and maybe even a penalty. Not a smart play, certainly, but that's not  a bite.

El Chiringuito released an image in which Mandzukic has a wound. Does this mean that Carvajal bit Mandzukic? Is this enough for UEFA/FIFA to punish the player? Certainly not.

Carvajal tweeted after the game that he "did not bit or try to bit Mandzukic". That's not significant and doesn't prove anything, though, but he's not the one who was to prove himself innocent.

UEFA, FIFA and As will need to find something better if they want to punish Carvajal, because luckily enough for everyone in our society, the burden of proof is on he who declares, not on he who denies.

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