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Ancelotti: "We might sign a better goalkeeper than Casillas"

Very interesting interview by Carlo Ancelotti on EsRadio last night...

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

On Iker Casillas:

"It's strange to see the Bernabéu whistling a player who doesn't deserve it. Sometimes it's true that Casillas has deserved those whistles because he has made mistakes, but it's far more complicated when there are no reasons behind the whistles. I think he is fine, motivated and calm. He has a strong personality and that gives me confidence, just like Navas. If he wasn't in good form he would not play. He is used to that and knows what he is going to do with his future. He will finish his career here and if a better goalkeeper comes he will not start. That might happen."

Now that's a very interesting quote. Ancelotti is almost confirming that Real Madrid are looking to make an upgrade in the goalkeeper position.

On Isco's role after James recovered from his injury:

"James is in very good form after the injury and that's why I went with him, but Isco has a very important role in this squad. It's not that he's not playing because of James because they can play together."

It would be interesting to hear what Isco has to say about that, though. He also spoke about Jesé.

"He was angry [when he joined the game with 30 seconds to go], and that's normal, I got angry when I played as well. I'm here for Real Madrid, not for Jesé, Casillas or whoever. I believe those 30 seconds were important to win the game, we can make 3 substitutions and those can be made to change someone who is not playing well, to change the system or to wrap the game up. If the match is 2-0, anything can happen."

And finally, Ancelotti shared his thoughts on Lucas Silva as well.

"He's Real Madrid-caliber. We have to consider that a young kid coming from Brazil needs time to adapt. That's normal."

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