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Carlo Ancelotti: "The team won while overcoming a lot of difficulties"

The team won but lost a couple players, which might be a devastating blow in the hopes of winning some trophies this season.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Of course, the presser turned most of their attention on Real Madrid's injuries, and rightfully so. On Gareth Bale and Luka Modric's injuries:

Modric had a problem with his knee and Bale had a problem with his calf. It's tough to say right now, so we have to evaluate both in the next few days. (check Luka's medical report right here)

On Marcelo's replacement for the second leg against Atlético de Madrid:

The better choice would be Coentrao. I didn't start him tonight because he wasn't fully fit. We might even consider Arbeloa or Nacho.

More on Bale and Modric:

They can't be completely discarded. We have to evaluate them and then make a choice. It was a positive game because the team won overcoming lots of difficulties. We had injuries and missed a PK, but we won the game fairly.

With Bale's injury, Real Madrid need Karim Benzema even more. Will he be able to start against Atleti?:

I think he will. He's improving and we have four days to have him fully recovered.

On Isco, James and Modric playing together:

I think they played well, but James was the best of them. He provided the team with a lot of quality, but the rest played well too. Isco struggled at first, but his second half was great. They all fought hard, which was what this game needed.

Being two points down, and with a tough schedule ahead, Carlo still doesn't lose hope of winning La Liga right at the very last week of the season:

I think it's still possible. If we are fighting at the end, it would mean we are still alive. Every game at this time of the year is very difficult. Every team is fighting for something.

On Málaga's complaints about the ref not treating them fairly:

Everyone has the right to have an opinion. For me the ref was normal. The PK he called was pretty clear to me.

On La Liga coming down to the last few weeks:

Barcelona has an advantage, but we have to try and win every game to force them to win all of their games as well.

On the crowd booing right before the 3-1:

I think the fans were behind the team. When we struggled, we struggled together, and when he had fun, the fans had fun with us.

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