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Kroos: "We have a good chance to make it to the semifinals"

Toni Kroos expressed his confidence about Real Madrid's options to beat Atlético de Madrid tomorrow.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

These are some quotes from Toni Kroos' press conference before the crucial game against Atlético de Madrid:

We are motivated, which is normal. We got a good result in the first leg and therefore we believe we can go through. It is obviously negative that some players are missing, but we will do our best.

If we take a look at our results against them, it is true that they have been really tough rivals for us, but we have a good chance tomorrow to finally beat them and move on to the semifinals.

I believe that we must play the way we are used to. We did very well in the first leg against them, in the first half, and we must try to do the same during the whole game tomorrow.

When Luka is fine, he is very important for us, and especially for our midfield. Unfortunately, he will not be able to play tomorrow but, undoubtedly, we will try to compensate for his absence and win the game without him. There is no point in whinging about this.

First of all, it is the coach who should be asked about tomorrow's lineup, not me, but obviously, both Isco and Illarramendi are great players that have helped us a lot so far and can do it tomorrow as well.

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