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Four takeaways from Real Madrid's victory over Atlético de Madrid

Chicharito Hernández, Carlo Ancelotti and Sergio Ramos starred in a joyful night for all madridistas.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

  1. Javier Chicharito Hernández has earned the right to stay in Madrid. His overall performance throughout last night's game may have not been brilliant, but scoring the winning goal against our "black beast" is just the prize he earned because of his extraordinary commitment. He has not had a lot of chances to shine with Real Madrid's T-shirt during the season, but he has been able to deliver when he has been needed to. Regardless of what Thierry Henry may say, he deserves the glory he got last night.

  2. Carlo Ancelotti's plan was optimal to make it into the semifinals. Los Blancos did not take any unnecessary risks, knowing that a goal by Atlético would surely send them out of the Champions League, given how hard it would have been for them to score twice. With Ramos, Pepe and Varane together on the field, the aerial threats by the colchoneros were minimized, and the great deployment of the whole team served them to secure the ball possession and avoid counterattacks. The Eyebrow knows what the Champions League is about, and he proved it once again last night.

  3. Don Sergio Ramos García was crucial, once again. Although I don't fully agree with him, it's good to quote (or freely translate) our very own Lucas Navarrete here: "As I see it, he did not play particularly well (which is understandable), but what he did yesterday is the purity of the Champions League. He shows grandeur in every action". I think he was lost in certain moments, as it was hard for him to know where to locate, and obviously he can't give the team Modric's fluency, but he has such a dominating personality that he can overcome most difficulties with guts and, more importantly, an extraordinary commitment and understanding of the game.

  4. Isco Alarcón did not choose the best night to complain. While his words are not as nasty as some have claimed, it is just not right to ask for more game time after one of your poorest performances. Since James Rodríguez recovered from his injury, Isco has never been able to show the brilliance which made him Real Madrid's best player in the January-February period, and his defensive workrate seems to be decreasing as well. Modric's absence will likely give him a chance to be a starter until the end of the season, so he should just train hard and give the team what is expected of him.

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