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Celta Vs. Real Madrid, La Liga 2015: Match Review (2-4)

Just when everybody was wondering if Real Madrid should buy Javier Hernández, the Mexican player decided to make it easy for them by being the hero again in a terrific 2-4 win against Celta.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Real Madrid were able to pull a win in an insane game that had it all, including a tremendous statement by Real Madrid's most recent hero.

The first half was a extremely entertaining (and at times frustrating) show that featured five goals. Ancelotti's men didn't have a good start, and looked overwhelmed by Celta earlier. That translated into a Nolito goal at the ninth minute, courtesy of Dani Carvajal's poor defending and Iker Casillas' impression of a statue.

Just a few minutes later, James Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo, just like they did against Atlético earlier this week, combined to deliver a terrific play that ended in a goal by Toni Kroos. After that goal, Real Madrid were the better team, and it didn't take long for them to take the lead. This time it came from the boots of the hero against Atlético de Madrid: Chicharito. Again, James and Little Pea combined to draw a beautiful play at the '25 that ended in a fantastic goal by the Mexican hero.

As if the game wasn't crazy enough, Celta tied the game just three minutes later, with a deep ball to Mina, who easily got past a lazy and distracted Marcelo to have a one-on-one chance against Casillas. Mina's shot hit the post, but his hustle helped him find the rebound and score the 2-2.

After Cristiano Ronaldo hit the post, and just when it looked like the first half would end in a draw, James made it 2-3 for Real Madrid, thanks to a lucky rebound and a good play set up by the Portuguese phenom.

The second half started the way the first one did, with Celta being better and enjoying a few good chances. It was clear that Celta's third goal looked a lot more likely than Real's fourth. Ancelotti's men were now relying too much on the counter, rather than trying to control the ball more. That still gave them a few great chances, including one for Isco and another one for Chicharito, but they couldn't convert.

At the 69' and completely out of nowhere, Sergio Ramos got past midfield and delivered an astonishing deep ball to Chicharito, who perfectly controlled it and delivered a killer shot to make it 2-4 for the current European champions. It's hard to say which was better, Ramos' vision and pass, or Little Pea's move and control.

That goal and Ancelotti's moves (Pepe for Chicharito) were the dagger for a Celta team that still tried, and even though they made Carvajal suffer a couple more times, it wasn't enough for them to get closer to the visitors on the scoreboard.

With this 2-4 win, Real Madrid are very much alive in La Liga, and with players like Chicharito and James stepping up, it feels like no trophy is impossible for the white cause. Next up, Almería.

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