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Real Madrid vs Almería, La Liga 2015: Player ratings

James' golazo makes him the undisputed Man of the Match.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

  • Keylor Navas: -. No one will ever remember Keylor's performance today, since he did not need to block any shot on goal throughout the whole game.

  • Arbeloa: 8. The Spartan was Real Madrid's best defender today, showing all the intensity one expects from a backup player who wants to earn a spot in the lineup, and giving Los Blancos some offensive prominence through the right wing. His late goal was a well-deserved prize.

  • Pepe: 6. Just an average game by Pepe, who was never threatened by Almería's strikers. He left a good performance in defending the few chances Almería got from set pieces, and tried to imitate Sergio Ramos in helping Real Madrid's midfielders to build the possession, but he was not as successful as our #4 usually is.

  • Varane: 6. A similar performance to that of Pepe's, with not too much work to do tonight. He had a couple chances to score from Real Madrid's corner kicks, but he was not lucky tonight.

  • Coentrao: 6. Ancelotti chose Coentrao tonight to give Marcelo some rest and, probably, to help the Portuguese to reach an optimal physical condition with some game time, and Fabio did a good job. He left a solid defensive display and a few dangerous incorporations to the frontline, but Real Madrid missed Marcelo's chaos in the left wing, mostly during the first half.

  • Kroos: 7. A good game by Kroos, who was able to dictate the tempo of the game in the first half with almost no help by Illarramendi, and who took a step forward after the break to consolidate the victory.

  • Illarramendi: 3. Once again, Illarramendi was intrascendental. His passing was merely horizontal and his workrate was nowhere close from what one would expect from a player in his situation. As sad as it may sound, he is taking every chance he is given to prove that he just does not have what it takes to be a Real Madrid player.

  • James: 8. He was the our only player who managed to create some danger in the first half, giving Real Madrid's attacks the verticality they were lacking, and, just before the break, scored a tremendous golazo out of nowhere that prevented us from suffering with the 0-0 draw in the second half. He was Real Madrid's most decisive player today.

  • Jesé: 6. His overall performance was poor, as his confinement in Real Madrid's right wing does not help his style and his decision-making, but he showed a good physical tone and managed to get a brilliant pass to Toni Kroos just before our second goal.

  • Chicharito: 6. The Mexican left everything he had in him on the field once again, but he was not as accurate as he has been lately. Still, he managed to deliver a good assist to Álvaro Arbeloa when the game was about to end.

  • Ronaldo: 7. Our Commander left the field angry because he had missed several chances to score, but I would say he was one of our best players tonight. When Real Madrid's possessions were the least fluent, Ronaldo showed up in central positions to give his teammates an extra passing chance, and this was crucial for Los Blancos to control the game.

  • Isco: 6. The #23 took James' spot in the 65th minute and showed much more intensity than he had put in the last couple of games. If he had had any physical problem, it seems that it is gone, and this will be important since Isco will for sure be a starter in Real Madrid's crucial games until the end of the season.

  • Silva: 5. After having spent a big number of games on the bench or, even, out of the squad list, Lucas Silva got a chance to play for half an hour and clearly made the team look better (which was not too difficult, given how awful Illarramendi had been).

  • Nacho: -. He did not play enough to deserve a grade.

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