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Ancelotti: "Resting players for the sake of resting doesn't make sense."

A relaxed Carlo Ancelotti addressed the media after his players unleashed an avalanche of goals on a helpless Granada side. Marcelo also addressed a reporter on the pitch following the final whistle.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images


On the return of James Rodriguez: "It did not look like he'd been out for two months. He played well and showed his quality, intensity, and knowledge of his position. His verticality helps the team and he always plays with an idea in mind."

On CR7's performance: Cristiano has improved with the team's improvement. It's the first time he's scored five goals with Real Madrid and that's positive for both himself and the team."

On the backing of the fans: "Of course having the fans' support (like they did today) will help us. The players showed a great attitude and the fans appreciated it."

Does Carletto factor in rest for his starters when he plans games? "We have to play for 90 minutes as if the contest hasn't been won, respecting each opponent...Now the players are fresh. Resting players for the sake of resting doesn't make sense. I will only do that when the players are tired and at risk of injuring themselves."

On Luka Modric: "He is crucial because of his ability to play the ball quickly. He has the ability to change the game and open up our play through the flanks."

On the team's solidarity: "We're getting closer to our goals and the players understand how to be a team and use their individual skills to help the team."


On the win: "We started the game well and showed a spectacular attitude. We respected Granada and did not let up for one moment. That's why we scored so many goals. We knew how to respect the opponent and pass the ball."

Why can't Real Madrid play like this every game? "We're not going to win every game that we play. Nobody does that. We strive to do it and follow the Mister's instructions. We always try to improve."

Are you speaking on behalf of CR7 since he won't address the media? "No, there's no need for one player to be a spokesperson for another. Cristiano is very mature and he's very happy right now. I'm speaking now because I was asked to."

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