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Mega Poll: Should Iker Casillas apologize after reacting to the whistles?

The Bernabéu should not whistle Real Madrid players, but this happens. Players usually don't react to it, but a few of them do. Should Casillas apologize?

An infuriated Iker Casillas reacted to the Bernabéu whistles by telling the fans to "go to hell" multiple times during the first half. The goalkeeper conceded two goals and the Bernabéu probably went too far when they decided to whistle Casillas every time he touched the ball, but this has always happened at the Santiago Bernabéu. Players like Guti or Di María and even legends like Juanito, Míchel or Zidane had to hear those whistles.

Juanito, for instance, gave the fans the finger after scoring a goal. Di María's gesture last year will be remembered for quite some time as well. The Argentinian player apologized and tried to tell everyone that it wasn't his intention to offend the fans. Should Iker Casillas do the same?

If he doesn't, the Santiago Bernabéu will never forget. No matter what he does to potentially save the team from elimination this Wednesday, the fans at Real Madrid's stadium do not like to be criticized. Even some Spanish journalists known for defending Casillas during the last three or four years like Iñaki Cano admitted that Casillas should issue an apology "as soon as possible". Alfredo Duro, yet another one of his defenders, reported that the goalkeeper knows "this situation cannot go on any longer", meaning that a potential departure from the club might as well be happening at the end of the season.

Again, no player should be forced to hear the whistles of his own supporters. But this is what happens at the Santiago Bernabéu. Casillas has every right to be tired and frustrated about this, but at the end of the day he knows that this is just how Real Madrid works as a club. He should not have reacted that way to the whistles.

Like him or not, Casillas probably deserves to leave the club having everyone's respect. And this will not happen unless he apologizes.

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