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James: "The fans should show Casillas respect"

The Colombian player spoke ahead of the decisive match against Juventus.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

James started the press conference analyzing the upcoming match.

I always want to help, I'm happy. We have to play with intensity and focused, they will defend and sit back for counterattacks, so we have to stay focused and capitalize our goalscoring opportunities. This is what we all want. We'd like to score an early goal so they have to take risks. They will have a lot of players on the defensive line, we have to be patient.

The press asked James about what Jonathan Barnett said about Bale and his teammates.

I did not hear that, but Gareth is really good and we want to play alongside him. This is a team and we have to be together.

James was clear when asked about whether his game has changed since moving to the wing.

No, my game has not changed, I'm ready to play wherever the coaching staff wants me to play.

James spoke about Arturo Vidal and Carlos Tévez by praising the rest of Juve players as well.

They are important players, but they also have quality players in every line. They have been playing together for a while and we have to stay focused to stop them.

The Colombian was obviously asked about Casillas too.

He is a great captain, he has done many things for this club and the fans should show Casillas respect. When we are playing, we are concentrated and we don't listen to the whistles. We have to stay together and tomorrow's match is very important. The 80,000 fans need to stay together and support the team.

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