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Real Madrid vs. Juventus, Champions League: How Real Advances to Berlin

Here's a guide to understand what result Real Madrid need.

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Real Madrid and Juventus face off at the Santiago Bernabéu to determine which team plays against Barcelona in the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin. Juventus beat Los Blancos 2-1 in the Juventus Stadium, which means that things could get complicated if you aren't familiar with European soccer.

Here are the different scenarios that could take place:

Juventus advances if...

...Juventus wins (by any score) ends in a draw (any score)

...Real Madrid wins by one goal, but concedes at least two goals (3-2, 4-3 etc), due to the away-goal rule.

Real Madrid advances if...

...Real wins by one goal without conceding (1-0)

...Real wins by two goals or more, no matter how many they concede (3-1, 4-2, 5-3 etc)

Game goes to extra time if...

...Real Madrid wins by a 2-1 score, making the aggregate score 3-3.

In this case, the game gets extended by two periods of 15 minutes each, with a very short break in between. There is no Golden Goal (aka Sudden Death), the full extra 30 minutes are played.

Note: If Juventus scores in extra time, the away-goal rule still applies, which means Real Madrid would have to score two goals (win by a margin of two) to still advance.

Game goes to penalty kicks if...

...nobody scores in extra time, penalty kicks decide (standard five-round penalty shootout, and, if still tied, round by round, until there is a winner) .

No epic needed

Real Madrid need to play with intensity, but there is no need to rush things as the most important task for Real Madrid will be not conceding an away goal. If the defensive line plays well enough, the offensive firepower in this should have enough to win the game. This time, Real Madrid will not need one of those epics comebacks.

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