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Real Madrid vs Juventus, UEFA Champions League 2014-15: Player Ratings

Can this season just end already? It essentially did end tonight anyway...

The depths of despair.
The depths of despair.
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Iker Casillas: 7 - Iker had a good game tonight and Madrid's Champions League exit certainly didn't happen because of him. He made a great save halfway through the first half as well as a crucial one at the end to deny Juventus taking the lead and effectively killing the tie.

Dani Carvajal: 6 - Dani put in a tireless performance as Real's fullback tonight but it bore the team no fruit unfortunately. Anyway, defensively he was much better than in the first leg which was comforting to see. He also made 4 key passes going forward which is kudos to him.

Raphael Varane: 7 - The young Frenchman had a clean, tidy game and didn't offer Juventus many chances to score on an individual basis. Furthermore he made an astounding 10 clearances which was more than any other player.

Sergio Ramos: 5 - Ramos too played better than he did in the first leg - being in his right position probably helped mind - but made a couple of sloppy fouls too.

Marcelo: 8 - Marcelo had a good offensive game contributing well to Real Madrid's attack when required, evidenced by his completing the most successful take-ons and making a couple of key passes. Defensively he made one stupid error that might have cost Madrid but other than that was good in that area too.

Toni Kroos: 3 - Another tired, deflating performance from Kroos who seems not to have improved his predecessor Alonso's knack for fading in the latter stages of the season. He was overpowered in the midfield by the dynamic duo of Pogba and Vidal.

Isco: 7 - Isco worked brilliantly in the midfield helping to stem the bleeding from Kroos' lack of mobility and actually made more tackles than any other player. Offensively he was a bit quiet though.

James Rodríguez: 7 - James was the yang to Isco's yin. Going forward he was great in this match and made more key passes than any other player. It was just unfortunate for him that Madrid's forwards failed to convert their shots into goals. Defensively though, he left a little to be desired in this game.

Gareth Bale: 4 - Despite receiving harsh boos from the crowd and trying his best today, it is still true that Bale was wasteful with his chances. The fact he only had one shot on target from a total of seven attempted speaks for itself. He needs his shooting boots on for next season but the boos from the crowd certainly won't help his confidence.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 5 - Ronaldo scored his customary goal but other than that played a peripheral role in the match, mostly due to his lack of defensive contribution. He was extremely unselfish in one play where perhaps he shouldn't have been but it was good to see him creating chances for others.

Karim Benzema: 5 - Benzema provided the hold-up play that has been missing from recent Madrid matches and linked up well with his counterparts in the first half. Unfortunately it didn't carry over into the second where he was much quieter. Perhaps a sign of not being fully fit as Ancelotti claimed he was.


Javier Hernández: 3 - Chicharito came on with just under half an hour of the game left to make any real impact which is the aim of the game for an impact sub.

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