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Gareth Bale Was Not Assaulted

Despite what Twitter claims.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Following Real Madrid's 1-1 draw, 3-2 loss on aggregate, to Juventus, Twitter blew up with the "news" that Gareth Bale was assaulted and rushed to a hospital. The tweet in question is below from someone who claims to be a freelance writer based in Manchester, England.

Ultimately, this proved to be untrue and Gareth Bale WAS NOT assaulted by anyone trying to pass off as fans of Real Madrid. While he was whistled during the match, he remained unharmed after it. There was also another tweet with a photo of riot police but it's not worth sharing because it's just garbage meant to rile up the denizens of Twitter. Move along as there is nothing to be seen here.

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