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Ancelotti: "I'm disappointed because I believe this team deserved another Final"

The Italian coach spoke about his future a day ahead of the Liga BBVA game against Espanyol.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

How will Real play after such a disappointment against Juve?

We know this is an important game, we have to give our best after Wednesday's game. I know it's not going to be easy but we are focused on this game and we will give it all to fight for La Liga until somebody clinch the title.

Ancelotti doesn't want to talk much about the future.

I said I'm proud of this roster. We will make the analysis after the season ends, but our goal now is to win the next two games. We will talk about the future two weeks from now. I understand that this is interesting now, but this is not what we're talking about right now. There's plenty of time to talk about the future. We're not discussing transfers.

When asked about Khedira and Coentrao's attitude throughout the season, Ancelotti said he doesn't have a problem with them.

Khedira and Coentrao were good professionals. They had injuries but they trained well, respecting the coaching staff and their teammates.

Was it a failure to be knocked-out by Juventus?

It's hard to say whether our Champions League was a failure or not. We had a good chance of reaching the final but we weren't lucky, this is football and we have to show respect to the outcome of the game. I'm disappointed because I believe this team deserved another Final.

When asked about his relationship with the players, Ancelotti was clear.

We've been working for two years, my relationship with the players is close and it will stay that way. I trust them so much that it will stay that way.

Will Ancelotti rotate his goalkeeper for the last games of the season?

Keylor can play one of the last two games, I don't know which one just yet though.

Ancelotti also discussed Bale's performance this season.

Bale performed well, he had good moments when the team was playing well and he struggled when the team struggled too, it's hard to analyze the season of a particular player. It's true that his first season was surprising and this season he had the same problems that the team suffered.

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