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Espanyol 1 - 4 Real Madrid: Initial reactions

7 things we saw

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  1. I thought this was one of Real Madrid's worst performances of the season. Shambolic and chaotic. Real Madrid - going up against an Espanyol team abysmal in their own right - looked like a team that was indeed just knocked out of the Champions League. They seemed to have zero interest in playing this match, and their lack of confidence showed. This game was won because Espanyol's defense collapsed on numerous occasions and Real Madrid had moments of individual brilliance to capitalize on it. I'm not usually a Debbie Downer - but at this point of the season I'm giving myself a pass. Real Madrid had enough talent to get the three points here.
  2. There are many games this season that gives the management a good idea of where they should be headed this off-season and how they want to continue building this team. Although this game probably wasn't the best one to judge, it had a lot of telling signs. Five players - Cristiano, Karim, Gareth, Francisco, James - in one area of the pitch looked very cluttered today, whilst the transition between Kroos and the attackers seemed to be missing. A gap is there, and it confirms the importance of Modric - a deep-lying brain to glue it all together. Kroos can not continue to be this team's defensive midfielder next season. My gut feeling is that someone needs to be expendable to make some room for an incoming midfield general / organizer that would push Kroos further up the pitch. Just a hunch.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo has now surpassed Di Stefano and moved to 2nd as Real Madrid's all-time leading scorer. Honestly, I've lost track - everyday it's a different record. I could have sworn he's already broken that record five times. Whatever you say about him, the statistics say that he's probably the most efficient footballer of all time.
  4. I respect Chicarito, but I completely disagree with any decision to give him all of Jese's minutes. The league was done. I don't buy this "we fight until we're mathematically eliminated". Let Jese develop.
  5. If I could just sit back and watch Gareth Bale shoot all day, I would.
  6. Great finish from Marcelo, that was Roberto-Carlos-esque.
  7. These fans.

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